At Kooky we want to do our bit for the environment so, on all our developments, we target the following sustainability measures:

Construction Measures:

  1. Detailed waste management plans to target zero to landfill.
  2. All timber for both temporary and permanent works to be provided from FSC sources.
  3. Promote the use of local labour and monitor transportation mediums used.
  4. Meter all temporary utility services and set targets of usage.
  5. Project sustainable delivery targets and objectives are set, communicated and monitored.
  6. Use LED lighting for temporary lighting during build.
  7. Membership and target scores for Considerate Constructors Scheme.

Design & Specification Measures:

  1. Installation of LED lighting where-ever possible
  2. Promote the use of heat recovery MVHR unit to apartments
  3. Communal Area lighting to include movement sensors where possible
  4. Segregated recycling facilities for tenants
  5. Bicycle storage on site for all tenants
  6. As a company we use where possible digital platforms that enable our customers to do business with us digitally, thus reducing the amount of printed material we produce and encouraging our customers to ‘go digital’
  7. We have worked with our furniture suppliers to encourage them to use processes, materials and finishes that have a lower environmental impact